04 Wr 450 trans oil ?s

I tried to search this before posting, with no luck. Anyway I was wondering about tranny oil replacement, does the engine share oil with the trans? Or is it seperate like the crfs? If they share the same oil wouldn't the material from the wet clutch affect the lubrication to the engine, or increase the oil changing interavals. Thanks in advance.

Your Wr450 holds a small amount of engine oil, which you should change frequently. it is also the transmission and clutch oil.

You have a big bore kit and don't know this?

Well I just purchased the bike not to long ago, and have done a few oil changes already, just trying to figure this bike out. It's alot different than the xr 650 I rode for years.

And it came with the big bore, I didn't install it.

Thanks for the info

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