Stripped triple clamp pinch bolt

So I was loosening my top triple clamp to remove the forks and one of the bolts took a decent amount of force to move just a little bit. I kept turning thinking it was just really tight. After about 3/8 of an inch out she's locked solid. The bolt doesn't want to go in or out. Now granted, I was using a really small ratchet so I didn't have much leverage on it. I'm afraid that if I use a bigger ratchet or breaker bar that the bolt will snap.

Any tips on how to get the bolt out with out snapping it?

What's the best way to fix the threads once the bolt it out?

BTW, It's a Tag upper triple clamp that the original owner installed.

Thanks for the replies!!

I'd spray it with some PB Blaster and run it back in and out as much as you can without forcing it then let it soak for an hour and then go for it.

Once out you can try to clean up the threads in the clamp with a tap...I think the clamps are m8 x 1.25 (or m6 x 1.0).

Apply the penetrating oil as recommended, but before you back the bolt out, turn it back in a little if it frees the bolt up to do that. Then soak it some more and try working it free from there.

I would get some Aerokroil-this stuff is amazing and spray that on there you have to go somewhere commercial to find it though not available at your typical retailer.

lol, my and a friend was taking his bolts outa his triple clamps and the one was getting really tight when we got it out, there was some aluminum in the threads, we cleaned them out with a razor knife and it went in perfect, as to getting them out, spary wd 40 and pb blaster in it and try ur best, if not just keep turning till she comes out.

before trying to remove it, Tighten the other bolt (above or below) on the same clamp. It will take a bit of the pressure off of the trouble bolt and hopefully help successfully remove it

Thanks for the replies, I'll try the PB Blast and report back.

put a torch on it and heat it up slowly. It will come out fine.

Well, I soaked it with PB Blaster and heated it with a torch and it came out. There is aluminum in the last 1/2 inch of threads on the bolt.

Should I try a thread chaser? Helicoil?



Lube a flat pointed tap and run it through there first to get an idea what kind of shape the threads are in. If they look halfway decent, try it with a new bolt (or the old one, if it cleans up well enough). It only torques to 14 ft/lb, so it may be OK, and there are 2 of them.

Repairing that particular type of hole can be tricky because the outside hole has to be large enough to clear the insert, but should not be any larger. Inserting the Heli-Coil can be a little tricky, too. If you've done a few, you should be able to handle it, but if it's your first one, you might want to have it done for you.

Lube a flat pointed tap and run it through there first to get an idea what kind of shape the threads are in.

How will I know if they are good. If the tap is tight = good. Loose = bad ??

Thanks Gray!

You should be able to see them well enough to gauge their condition. Also, the feel of the new or cleaned up bolt running in and tightening it should tell you something.

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