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Getting more out of JD kit??

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I have an 06 TE510. It would take forever to warm up and had a dead spot right off idle. I bought a JD jet kit and installed according to their recommendations:

Red needle at 5th clip

185 main

leak jet

2 turns on fuel screw

BTW - I am at sea level and when I tested it was around 70 degrees. Stock airbox and stock exhaust.

All problems went away. Starts right up and takes off strong without any hesitation. No more dead spots. Like a new bike and runs like a bat out of hell.

My question. As I have bragged about the impact of the JD kit I have heard a number of comments like "wait till you tune it". I really don't want to mess with a good thing but what else would i do to "tune it"? I am not considering an aftermarket can or anything to do with the airbox as it is running fine now - would either of these make any appreciable difference?

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