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clutch problem??

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Hi all

Recently my clutch has been playing up its not burning any plates out but its not right,

What happens is when you come out of a turn and the bike is chugging along as 4 stroke should all the play gets taken up and the clutch is fully engaged, pull it it quickly and dump it a few times and its away again!!! Ride the bike on the limiter poping and banging it the problem is not there !!

Upon inspection ive found the rubbers in the back to be worn there is roughly 6/7 mm of movement there (bike heat sized a short while ago) but the rest of the basket is good as new, the innner hub is in good condition where the plates sit but is groved on the stalks !? from the springs catching them so am i right in thinking its the knakard rubbers causing the prob!!??

thanks jason

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