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2007 Counter Sprocket Tick

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First off, Hello. Long time reader, first time "poster". I have noticed a large amount of knowledgable riders on here and was hoping you all can help me with some input...

I have noticed an unfamiliar ticking sound that seems to be coming from my counter sprocket. The best way I can describe this sound would be like a freewheel on some bmx hubs. The bike seems to be running fine and I haven't noticed any chances in the trannys function. Oil is changed very frequently with the recommended amount of fluid and no changes have been made other than an x-ring chain. clearance with the chain seems to be fine.

Also, it's hard to notice the sound while the bike is on. It's really only noticeable while pushing the bike.

Any of you fellow riders experienced such a sound or know what this may be from? Am I just being paranoid?

Any and all input are greatly appreciated.

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