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WR450 Clutch - Stumped

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Okay guys, I am at my end here. Basically, I have zero clutch action until the last 1/2" to 3/4" of my lever, and it's pretty much all go, or no go. Here is what I've checked and how things are at the moment:

2007 WR450 (Original Clutch/Friction Plates)

1. Clutch cables and pivot points are lubed/greased, clutch pull extremely smooth. With clutch cover off, verified plate tension and correct movement with clutch pull

2. Oil in case is at correct level, clean & good, Yamalube 20w-50

3. Clutch spring bolts all check at 7.2 ft lbs.

4. Clutch plates have 0.000 warp, and zero discoloration

5. Friction plates within 0.002 of specs in book with no significant signs of wear (i'm pretty easy with the clutch)

6. All clutch plates are facing the same direction (rounded side out)

Normally, I figure this stuff out on my own. This one, I'm stumped. As I'm writing this I'm wondering if it's possible my plates are maybe a bit glazed...Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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