bike will not backup in neutral ?!?

after a long practice on my 98yz400 i was about to load it on my trailer and it would not backup at all, I thought something was bent but after inspecting it nothing is apparently wrong it only does this in neutral, it will back up in gear with the clutch in but thats all, ive noticed no change while riding it, still shifts smooth, engages goood like it always has. I thought i would stop by here and ask you guys, youve helped me before and i hope you can do it again, thanks again.



Mine did the same thing, but it wouldn't go forward. I rode the bike around for a few minutes and then it was fine. Haven't had any problems since.

strack if you let the clutch out in netural with the engine running does it do any thing unusual?

if not, what happens if you try to back up then?


good point there while running if i let the clutch out it dosent do anything unusual but i havent tried to back it up while running ill try that and see if it works, thanks for the advise.

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