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Question about running a stock sm front rotor on an S

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The link didn't work, but most brackets make room for the 320mm rotors. The 310mm rotors will be too small.

Fixed the link.

Thanks for the info, makes sense. I was thinking that the oem front sm rotor was 320mm for some reason. Sounds like all I need then is that relocator bracket as shown in the link and an after market 320mm front rotor and I'm good to go, unless I buy a kit. Main thing was I just wanted to confirm that the bigger 320mm rotor and relocator bracket will work on the stock S front wheel as I'm not running sm wheels.

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It works great!


that's an ebc 320 mm rotor with it's own bracket.

isn't the op asking about the oem 310 mm sm rotor?

ahha...helps if i read subsequent posts......so ya, that will work .....

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