Tire Pressure

Ok does anyone know what is a good tire pressure front/rear to run the desert? I am running a 07 yz450.

i ride an 07 YZ 450 in the desert.

depends on how rocky it is...

really rocky i run 14 front and rear.

less rocky i run 12 front and rear.

sometimes i run 12 front and 14 rear.

about 14 unless it's very sandy and not very rocky then i may drop it all the way to 8 or 10

07 YZ 450 - Ocotillo Wells 14 front, 13 rear

Darn! I need to go buy an 07 so I can help you fellars out!

06 450f 14 front 14 rear ,I'm 230lb The more weight more pressure.

14 front 12 rear in florida sugar sand

I normally run 12-13 front and rear, but when I go to rocky places I'll run up to 16 in the rear and 14 in the front.

I'm hard on tubes... last time we went to Tennessee, I got 3 flats in 2 days. Thank heavens for extra wheel sets. :)

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