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08 or 09 KTM 250sx vs. 07 KX250f - Handling

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This might be a stretch but I was wondering if any of you have had the pleasure of riding both the 08 or 09 250 sx and a 07 kx250f? The reason why I am asking is because I am consolidating my two bikes into one and I am pretty much set on the 08 or 09 250 sx, slight chance of a 450 sx-f. I figured the 250sx would be a great mx bike that I could occasionally use for the dunes and trail rides and I am ready to go back to orange. What I would like to know is how the two bikes compare in the handling department, I ride mainly mx tracks. I love my kx250f for the track and I think it handles great. I have owned 2 KTMs (05 525 mxc and 04 450 sx) so I am used to the "not so japanese" feel to them. I also know that this is a subjective question as well so any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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