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Thumpstar defy's logic and reasoning.. Tech help needed

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allright, so i just picked up a pretty decent thumpstar 125 with the gonyshon 120 electric start motor..

The bike Will fire up and idle very nicely but as soon as you attempt ANY throttle it bogs sputters and afterburns out the exhaust.. almost leading myself to belive it was lean, played with the needle.. no dice..Removed the MIKUNI carb and installed an 125 MJ (going up from an 95) still backfires horribly...And even with the 95 it wouldnt accpt throttle and rev while choking by hand

So,I began trouble shooting the electical system, Thought I might have a bad CDI box..

upon further investigation i have found somthing that has left me quite baffled..

the Stator wires for the AC circut that Should run to the reg Rec were plugged into the key switch..the leads that should run to the Key switch were plugged into the reg rec plug..

the bike runs without the secondary Blue-white pulser (reason i belive it wont rev)....attempted to restore the harness to stock routing, matched ALL wires and their proper places but still nothing..re route back to how it came and it fires up but seems like the CDI is Not advancing the ignightion...

I have ADJUSTED the valves, in and exh to spec on tdcc

Both O rings, carb and intake side are aok

Carb is clean

Compression is Killer

Stator inspection gives 1 OHM resistance for the AC leads...Blue-white gives .29 ACV Black-red produces 24 ACV kicking engine over..

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well she runs and whoo boy, she is freakin FAST!!!!

my origional suspicion was correct in that the blue-white tracer wire was an secondary pulse generator..

I just re wired the thing and ditched the orig harness, gonna wire up some lights tomorrow.. :p

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