Daddies Little Helper

I had to share this pic of my 8 month old son, Jacob, helping me with my bike. Click Here

HaHa!! Jacob is saying: "Daddy, is that a brand new Michelin?" :)

You are right. He was also thinking.... "I want my XR50 now! Not in three years."


Yesterday my four year old was out in the garage with me "honing" the cylinders on his 350 Honda - a friend of mine gave it to him (I gave him some sand paper and showed him how to sand the rust out of them - believe it or not that ol bike ran. We named it Sod Buster).

Today he is setting on a living room chair behind me getting ready to celebrate his 18th birthday!! That was 14 YEARS that went by in a blink. You are on the right track John (I know you dont need a cyber nut like me to tell you that). Bikes are fun but that little guy is on a whole different page.

Spend as much time with him as possible cause you cant get it back!!!


By the way, thanks for the pic - you have NO idea of the memories it brought back. The walls behind him even look like the walls in my old garage!

John, Great pic!!!! That's cool................

I remember when I was really young my dad would be in the garage working on his CZ all night long. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would go into the garage and watch him wrench on his bike, he never told my mom. Those were great times, I'll always remember.... Except one time he used one of my skateboard wheels for a chain roller :), that kind of bummed me out..... Cute kid, these are good times.....

Peace, Dan

Great pic John. My son is 14 mounts old. Check out his pic helping daddy HERE

Dad, where is my torque wrench???

Great picture!

Good lookin kid.

Looks like that chain needs a little oil. :)

More little helpers...

My little helper

Those are all great pics! Thanks for the input. It is fun to have my boy in the garage helping with the bike. He sure seems to enjoy the time.


ah man now i want one. Or two. I think there would be nothing better to have a little girl and teach her all about mechanical stuff. That would rock. great pics everyone. Right now i will just have to settle with my fiance working on them with me. By the way what is a can of smoke for? Never heard of it!!


Cherish the moments guys. They do grow up too fast. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of riding with your kids yet, there is no comparison. When I was in my early twenties I thought it was all about goin fast and trying to win.

Now in my early forties I love riding and racing with my 17 year old son. It's so neat after a tough enduro or HS to sit back and bench race with him. Knowing we both experienced the same event. He just experiences it alot quicker :)

Thanks for rekindling the earlier days, GREAT looking kids you fellas have, be proud, enjoy every moment with them.


I have a 5 week old little boy. These pictures really hit home! Now if I can just figure out how to not let it slip by so fast! One thing is for sure. I will ALWAYS be there for him. -----Mike

Good post guys, and something I can relate to. When my wife was preganant with our son, I had all sorts of plans to get him riding at some rediculous young age. Now that he his 10, and I look back, all those priorities changed. I grew up riding local tracks in the hills almost daily and trips to the desert 3 times a month. Quickly you'll find that the time you spend with your growing kids is not only more important, but also more rewarding than any trophy or trip with the buddies. As others have said, cherish this time 'cause it does fly by.

I just rode last weekend with my son after some good rain. I ride a bit different now, still putting some hard fast laps in but I'm always looking around to see where my son is and make sure he's alright. And the best part of the ride was the goat trails that we rode together, and his comments on what he learned afterward.

Nothing better than being a dad.

Your opinion may change during the dreaded teen years.

I had a great time during the teen years till 19 when he decided to quit college. We rode MX together till he quit to play football at 15 (I quit MX to watch FB :D ). He always had the new bike every year and dad had the scraps, it was great times. :D wish I was still in those times! :)

You Got That Right! It was fun, and those are the best memories. Once we both went down in the same corner during a race. He got back on and was lapping me as I got back on to finish the race. He didn't understand, the old fat guy took his time to get back on that pony. :)

What a great post! Very cool picture. That smile on that little boys face says it all. Thanks for sharing, Paul

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