Synthetic Oil - Pros/Cons??

Thinking about making life easier and just buy synthetic oil in bulk for the FooBarr Fleet of vehicles. I tried synthetic in my XR 628 and the clutch lasted about 2 days. Of course it was an old clutch and the oil probably just pushed it over the edge along with swingin a 10 lug sand-paddle.

Then again I'm awaiting the new auto clutch, maybe sythetic would work with it? More RPM, more HP, more pressure on the plates, right?

i've been running PJ-1 goldpro 10w40 synthetic oil in my 93 xr600 for months now with what i believe to be original clutch and i've had no slipping problems. also run it in my yz400f with no problems. i've mainly been riding my 600 on the ice with studded tires which puts a big load on motor, you're always full throttle. but my motor is stock so take that as you will. how do you like the 628 kit

I have used Mobil 1 in my fleet exclusively for over 5 years with no problems. In my GMC Sonoma, '87 EX500, '96 GPz1100, '96 GSX-R750, '00 GSX-R750, and '01 XR650R without ever replacing a clutch.

Honda put out a service bulletin warning about oils that use Moly in them as a "friction modifier" can reduce the life of the clutch. Moly can effect the friction material in a wet clutch and make it slip.

There have been some oil test articles published in Motorcycle Consumer News in the last few months (Jan & Feb '03 issues) that test a whole bunch of oils. While the Mobil 1 car oils have Moly in them (about 100 PPM) and the bike oils only have a trace the car oils do not have much more moly than the Honda GN4 (no-moly) oil with about 60 PPM.

From those articles I would feel comfortable using Mobil 1 (my choice), and any thing from Bel-Ray, Golden Spectro, Sikolene, Amsoil, Valvoline Motorcycle, Catrol. The only oils listed with high amounts of Moly in them were Redline High Performance (950 PPM), Torco MPZ Motorcycle and synthetic(725 PPM), Royal Purple Racing 41 (300 PPM), and Royal Purple (225 PPM).

After reading several articles on oils I believe that a synthetic oil will keep its properties longer than an oil pumped out of the ground, and clutch plates are cheaper than top ends.

Hi. I tried Bel-Ray synthetic motorcycle oil 20w-50w in my 2000 XR650 only once. I noticed increased oil pump noise, as well as a drooling leak around the oil filter/pump cover. Note that I DO replace the rubber O-ring gasket on the cover each oil change. Anyway, I don't care how well they lubricate, I drained that stuff, and immediately went back to my usual oil, Honda 4-Stroke oil at 20w-50w. I since have had no problems, no leaks, and no odd noises. My bike is Modified with the HRC power up kit, and a Big Gun complete race series exhaust system. The bike is run moderately hard every weekend and at least once during the week (muddy, cold, dry, warm, whatever). In 3 years of owning this bike (and over 5000 miles), I've never had any sort of mechanical problem at all, except for that minor mistake of trying synthetic oil (caused a leak). I run Mobil 1 in my truck with no probs however. Synthetic is great for those. Honestly, I think the best thing to do in this case is stick with what Honda says; which is, use the GN4 Honda oil. Keep the downtube strainer clean, and every 600 miles or so, check the strainer in the crankcase.

Compilation of warnings about synthetic oil.

I run automotive Mobil 1 15W-50 from Wal-Mart. Zero problems. The key is whatever you use, change it often. I use the synthetic for the higher temperature rating. If your from North Texas, you must have ridden at Bulcher. 100 + degree Texas summers and Bulcher you need all the protection you can get.

The key to synthetics, is to use only those designed for 4 stroke motorcycles. That way you won't run into any clutch issues. I run a 15w-50, it will flow well at start up, and still protect, and lube at higher temps. If you do any high temp riding(Mojave desert in August) I highly recomend a synthetic, they flat out perform petroliem based oils in those conditions.

I've used Mobil One in "Bang Bang Betty" since day one and have had no problems. Make sure not to use the "Energy Conserving". Also used it in two WR400's prior to Betty and had no problems. The performance benefits of synthetic oil are well documented and if a poster child is needed for Mobil One the BRP has to be it.

Someone just had to bring up the "O" word. Get ready for war, again. :)

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