600 and 650R top speeds

anyone have any 'real' top speeds for the 600 and 650R stock but uncorked?

Hi. yes , in fact I have tested the top speed of my '00 XR650R with a GPS. I don't know about the 600's though. Stock, but with the Power-up Kit installed, my 650R achieved 97mph on level ground with light wind. Keep in mind you have to be "tucked down" to do that. My bike now has not only the power up kit, but also a Big Gun complete race series exhaust installed (headers and silencer). Measured in this form, the Big Gun system upped the top speed to a measured 101mph, mainly due to the new exhaust system allowing the engine to rev a bit higher. Note these speeds were measured with STOCK gearing. Gearing the bike up a few teeth would increase the top speed naturally.

I have GPS tested my '02 XR650R as well, with 15/48 gearing, all stock with power-up kit, I got 163 Km/h or 102 MPH on flat ground. That's up one tooth on the countershaft, or taller gearing.

I do not have any numbers but I owned a 95 600 and now have a 00 650 uncorked but otherwise stock. The 600 had a FMF IV silencer w/ porting / polishing, uni air filter and fresh motor, it was slower during excelleration and top speed of the 650 even when the 600 was geared up. Plus the 600 would not pull high speed on the beaches in Baja, the sand robbed the power. With that said, even though the 600 is slower it is still an awesome bike once set up, suspension, exhaust.

I ride a dual sported 92 xr-600 and have clocked it with my gps at 92mph with stock gearing. air box unplugged and supertrapp with quiet core.

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