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Stator troubles!!! Please help

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So i recently purchased a lighting Stator from moose electric and I am dumb founded! The four normal stator wires dont match up at all...There are 2 females and two males on the factory connection and on the moose there are four females? I checked the part numbers and they are supposed to be right. As we were inspecting it the two non lighting wires on the stator came off. We solder it back on and tried changing the connections to meet up with the ones on the bike and bolted everything back up. We filled her with oil and i kicked on it for a good two mins. I then pulled the plug to discover i dont have any fire. I took the "new" stator out and put the old one in and it fired up on the second kick. I dont know what to do? I am thinking i am gonna take it to a electrical shop here in town and get them to inspect my solder jobs but even if they are ok what is up with none of the wires matching? Is there anyway i can tell which ones actually go where? Any and ALL help will be greatly appreciated!! If i knew where the pip wires go i guess that would be a good place to start?

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