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Beware if you want to street legal a non street legal bike in Las Vegas

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It isn't going to happen anymore. Today I road my 2009 KTM EXC over to the DMV on N. Decatur. The DMV employee came out to do the VIN check. He then asked for the green slip, which i provided (I was still smiling and being nice.)

He then asks me for my EPA certification sticker. At which point my blood pressure shot up to 200. I said listen "I know where you are trying to go with this, and I am not going down that road." He replies "we are cracking down on these things." (As some Harley goes by with open pipes...) So I reply, "I have a vehicle built by a factory to US EPA specs and I have a temporary registration already, do you do this to all the Fords, Chevys and every other factory built mode of transportion? He ignored me and again asked for the proof. I said " It is on the frame under the gas tank." Which it is... He says

"well how hard is it to take the tank off?" I roll my eyes and explain the process. He goes inside to get tools and then decides it will be easier to call KTM in OHIO. To make a long story short I am $170.00 poorer but I have a plate, registration and the title will be here in a few weeks. Just wanted to share my story. Later

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Sounds like CA, which is probably how the rest of the country will be going.

The DMV is instructed to look for the EPA sticker.

I have a 1973 Honda motorcycle I registered two years ago.

"Where is the EPA sticker?"

"It's from the 70's, there were no stickers."

"Hmmm". Writes in big letters, "NO EPA STICKER".

I got a plate, so I won't complain.

Going to the DMV is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get.

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