wr 400 '00 trouble.....

hi to all

excuse for my enghish( i am italian)

my wr have had completly replaced the engine 1year ago.... and every things went ok for 6 mounts.... after i bought a cr250honda and wr stopped in garage.

i used it a time...... all ok

second and third append:

at first run engine doesnt go up in rotation and bangs from exaust.... after goes very good for 10 minutes and again problems... and so on for 3/4 times and after goes ok....

i clean carburetor but my idea is about CDI or TPS or neutral sensor.

have anybody here had similar experience....

please help...


try cleaning out your fuel tank and use new fuel make sure tank flows fuel, you said it was parked for awhile, so this would be frist on my list.


but the tank was empty along the stop period and obviously i felt it up with new fuel.

but now i am remembering a friend who has had troubles by the hose cap...

i'll check.

any else ideas, anyway?



i left the tank empty during the stop period and i fill it up with new fuel.

but you meke me remenber a friend who had troubles with the hole cap.

i'll check it.

any ideas else, anyway?



see what color your spark is should be blue/ not red or yellow also run it 15 min then shut off and see if the coil is to hot to hold on to if so replace. its breaking down.

do you think that coil gives alternated problems?

because, as told, the engine goes some time very well and after arrives more or less not over 3000/4000 rpm.

i hope anyway that coil is my problem.


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