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01 xr250 forks

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Hi im rebuilding my forks to replace work bushes and old seals and im confused about what fork oil to use, id appreciate your help.

The book says 477cc of pro honda ss7 oil

It also says for oil level;

standard : 82mm

limit : 77 to 108mm

(Is this oil level figure height from the bottom? or how far the level need to be from the top?)

I weigh about 185lbs with my gear on, and i ride alot of mud and roots, i dont often jump and i dont mind it being fairly soft but im scared of bottoming because of my homemade forkbrace lol.

oh im 6"1 and im using long reach bar risers which put the bars right on top of the yokes (i dont know if that matters)

Im using stock springs atm

What fork oil and level do you think i should go for?

Any info about the effect off these variables also appreciated.


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