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36mm Mikuni pump carb jets?

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I am purchasing the 36mm pump carb for a 03 klx300.

Jets? what set should I buy ? WE ride from seal level to 7 k

I just bought this bike for my son and before I let him ride it I want to make sure the thing wont kill him on the trail.

The throttle lag is well .... scary. Bone stock at this point. I have pulled the buttplug and removed the airbox cover..... I will finish the free mods after the pumper is placed on the bike.


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Here you go, this is jetted for a 330 kit. Just so you do not get caught unaware, I could not get the stock length cables to work on my 04 300. I had custom 4" longer cables made to install my 36mm carb. Sudco will have all of the needles and jets available and will set up the carb however you want if you purchase from them.

Main Jet: 130 (stock)

Pilot Jet: 17.5 (stock is a 12.5)

Needle Jet: P-4 (stock is a P-8)

Needle: 9EBY1-50 (stock is a 9DZH6-50)

Needle Clip: 3rd slot from top (middle position)

Fuel/Air Screw: 2 turns out

A/P Pump Timing: Starts at 1/8 throttle and stops at 3/4 throttle

A/P Squirter: Pointed directly at the needle (fuel should splash off the needle)

Airbox lid removed - Uni filter.

If you want to get rid of the bad bottom end bog then just install a DynoJet jet kit for around 50.00 bucks and keep the stock carb. My 300 had a terrible, almost unrideable bog when I puchased it.

Good Luck


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