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Any experience with these dealerships?

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I posted this in the dualsport section but this was suggested, seems more fitting.

I see so many of these posts, people up in the air but when you're spending some $$ you want to make sure you get the right bike.

I live north of Pittsburgh PA. Lots of yami/suzuki dealers around but no KTM/Husky. I am very strongly considering a WR250R but nervous of the power. I like everything else though.

I wanted to check out some KTM/Husky's an see if theres one that would work for me. I was thinking a 450exc or te450 or TE310. Can I use these as a MOTORCYCLE also? This is my only bike so i truly need dual sport. I sold my sport bike and now just have a CH125 scooter. So I need to be able to have my fun in the woods, mostly woods riding around here. but at the same time i want to be able to tag along with my buddies and their friends/wife on motorcycle trips so i'd be travelling some 60-75mph speeds at times too.

I love the huskys because of the engineering and nice components like zocchi fork, excel rims, etc...

Getting back on track, that question and does anyone have any information on Shulz service center south of pittsburgh, or Beaver Creek in Libson Oh, or anywhere else close to western PA?

I got a very helpful reply from OhioPT that the 650 bikes or WRR would work but the 450's etc are strung too high for that much road use. Im just hesitant of a 650 in the woods so much because of its weight and size.

Please advise about available dealerships though if you can.. Thanks Ryan

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Go to the Husky section of this website and you may get more info on the Husky dealerships.


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