looking for MOmilkman...riding club???

Hi spazz,

I assume you are the same guy that e-mailed me recently. I will post the same info below as the e-mail I sent you:

As far as riding together the club members all ride pretty much independly from each other and each have our own little "clan" we hang with.

There isnt really anywhere else to ride in the immediate area. The closest place to go is generally about 3 hours in any direction from Springfield, MO (where I live). There is Park Hills, MO out in Eastern Missouri and its fun but mostly sand so not too challenging. Then theres a couple places to ride up in Kansas City but I have not went yet but plan on it soon. South from here there is a great place called White Rock. Its in Cass, AR and it is very comparable to Chadwick.

We ride all the trails at Chadwick. Some of them can be a little nasty when its wet because some of the trails are big rock ledge. Whats your riding level/expierence?

Let me know when you happen to come down this way and if I happen to be at Chadwick Ill let you know and show you around.

Anyone is welcome join the OMTRA.

In fact the next club meeting is at a local MX track. None of us are real MX'ers I just seemed like a nice place for a meeting :)

OMTRA meeting will be at Buffalo MX Park Saturday August 24

Gates open 4PM

Ride aproximately 6pm

Paramedics & consession stand....

Based on 30 riders $10 donation. This is a private deal for club members (it cots $10 to join the club) and their guests. It is not an open practice to the public.

Info to the track? - www.buffalomx.com

Hey I have just recently moved back here from Nevada (don't ask why) and I am interested in the Ozark club you spoke of. Are there any openings? How often do you ride together? Any info is welcome...thanks

* 2nd place is just the first loser...

hey milkman, your going to need a bigger truck to haul the ride if that list of mods gets any bigger :)

Hey Jekel,

Glad to see your still around. I havent seen any posts from you in quite a while.

Yea, most the mods in my list are just piddley stuff. I am just trying to keep up with Yamakaze's list and I was trying to top his list since I linked all mine :) (what can I say I was really bored at work one day)

Still here every once in a while. Comp has been in the shop for about 3 weeks(warranty stuff) and am using the wifes laptop. What jetting are you ending up with. We may ride tommorrow.

I havent done a whole lot with the jetting. I'm a bit scared to mess with it so everything is still pretty much stock except I dropped the main down to a 175 and leaned the needle 1 clip.

It runs better than it ever has so I probably wont do much more to it.

Wish I could make it to Chadwick tomorrow but I've got plans for the weekend. Have fun! :)

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