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What in the "L" have I done? I am now pigless!

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My 9-year-old son just started racing motocross, and my big piggies were just too fat to hang at the track. So I bought a CRF450x. I would have liked to keep the XR650R, but didn't have the time or funds to fix it. So I sold it a couple weeks ago. But then the wife starts talking about how she wants to get back into riding again, and would even consider doing some long 2-up road trips now that the kiddos are getting older. So how the HECK can I pass that up? But with no spare funds these days (no thanks to the previous OR current administration) that meant selling my tricked out 650L as well.

I set the price on the L very high ( waaay over what I paid for it, and about break-even with all the fancy parts) thinking it wouldn't sell. But a guy called, showed up, paid cash and took it home in about an hour and a half.

So there I was standing in the garage, saying farewell to my last thumper as it thumped away down the street, wondering if it will be my last.

Up next is a bike for the wife.... wonder if she might like a XR650? With a lowering link maybe?

Ok, maybe not....

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