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Help with stalling 89 XT600

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Hi people, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out.

My beloved XT has developed a stalling problem late last season and it has carried into this season.

Pretty much everytime I put her in 1st gear she dies. No jerk forward or anything, just stalls without trying to move forward. But that every 20th time or so, 1st gear works and I ride off.

I've been searching for answers and was able to narrow it down to:

#1...faulty kickstand switch

(I'm prepping to cut the switch this weekend)

#2...loose clutch cable/clutch switch??

(I tightened the clutch cable, but no improvement), so I'm really hoping it's the switch.

Does my bike have a clutch swith as well? Sorry, my manual is a German version pdf-style, and at times can be confusing. No garage at my pad, so all work is performed in the dark & cold or on the weekends during daylight.

If it's not the kickstand switch, what else could it be?

Thank you for any help/pointers.

Ride safe thumpers.

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Nice name icehole!!! Awesome, I like it.

Sounds like you got it, the kickstand switch, first thing I thought while reading. Can't hurt to remove it, unless you forget the kickstand, a lot of guys take them off anyway so you don't get stuck out in the middle of nowhere over something so stupid. If it runs fine otherwise, gotta be it. Otherwise, could be any electrical contact that is bad and gives intermitent contact.

I think if it was the clutch, you would know. Clutch works fine otherwise? Try to move forward in gear while stopped with the clutch in? Any slippage?

Whats a clutch switch? (serious question, not much experience with dirt bikes)

Good luck.

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Thanks YamFloridaB, yup Icehole is from my pond hockey days and the name has stuck:smirk: .

The plan is to get the switch cut this weekend, and hopefully that will solve it.

Otherwise the bike runs very strong. I've had it for only a year and already the magneto crapped out on me ($400 - ouch! for a new one), but the bike although 20 years old is by far the most fun bike I've ever had.

I'll report back later this week with good news I hope.

Clutch switch: I believe some bikes have a push button by the clutch lever, but mine does not. I've heard that people cut that switch as well, as it can cause some problems.


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