4-stroke nationals this weekend in Denver

Thunder Valley near 470/I70 host the 4-stroke nationals this weekend(8/17-8/18), KTM is also hosting a dealer show at the track.


Are the dates right on that?

If you meant the 12th then I read on Motoworld today that theres a good chance Mcgrath will be there. Heres what I read off of motoworld.com

McGrath's publicist said an announcement about Jeremy's relationship with Yamaha will be released later this week. She also said that we can expect an announcement about McGrath's 2003 plans on August 12th. It just so happens that August 12th is the same day as the KTM 2003 dealer convention. Hmmmm... You do the math and we'll keep you posted

Somehow, Gee has the dates wrong. The 4-stroke Nats in Denver are this weekend, 10/11-12.

Go to www.4strokenationals.com for details.


Yeah it's Aug 11. I can't imagine MC will show up at "Thunder VAlley", but I'll be pi$$ed off big time if he does-I can't make it there...

Anybody got any ideas what they'll do to the track for the race-I'm guessing it will need a few more big jumps and such, don't ya think?

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Originally posted by YZeezee:

Yeah it's Aug 11. I can't imagine MC will show up at "Thunder VAlley", but I'll be pi$$ed off big time if he does-I can't make it there...

I could be wrong. This may not even be the same dealer show that motoworld.com was talking about.

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There's a great chance MC will be at Thunder Valley. A guy I work with lives next door to MC's fiance's parents. They are supposed to get married this month and he thinks it is out here in CO. He is going to ask his neighbor if he knows anything.

I was exchanging email with a local fast guy who'd said they added some "huge" jumps at TV. He's not racing cause he didn't "feel like getting my ass handed to me" and that he wasn't comfy with the jumps.

Second-hand info, but that's all I got at this time. :)


Sorry about the dates, it is this coming weekend, I'm just in a confused state on mind.

cycle news reported that MC just got married and is honeymooning in Hawaii right now, I doubt he shows up this weekend, but it would be a nice surprise if he did show.

I figured there would be some jumps added out there-that should be a really good time. Well if Jeremy is there, I'll miss him-bummer. I bet his new wife is hot! :)

Few years ago he was dating a girl that her parents lived in Aurora CO. Don't know if thats the same one he married or not

I subscribe to that weekly e-mail that motocross.com sends out and they said he got married about a week ago or so.

Anyone got any reviews of the race this weekend in Denver? MC show up?

Sounds like it was a good time for sure. I definitely would have liked to see 40 bikes going at it out there. Did they do some major work on the jumps out there or anything-I wonder if it's all still left or if they've gotten rid of some of them. I'd like to go ride it and see how different it is...

I have not ridden this track but have been told that if its not groomed its sucks. The only time they groom it is for the races.

Race was great!!!! Dowd was leading the first moto with a nice lead when his rear wheel ate it and died. Cooper and Carpenter were battling for the moto win. Cooper went on to win that moto with Carpenter in 2nd.

2nd moto- Cooper got the hole shot but Dowd went by him and ran away with it. Then Cooper and Carpenter battled for 2nd, nice long battle but Carpenter finally got by and thats the way they finished. So Cooper ended up with the Overall. I watched the 2nd moto near a table on the back side and Cooper was whipping it sideways almost every lap over it. He was riding like he was having a great time.

One more note, nothing like a 40 rider gate, start, of a 4 stroke National. Way cool.

Ohhh the MaGrath deal. Had it on good rumor that it was suppose to be announced last night (Sunday) at the KTM dealers convention that he is now a punkin rider. No he wasn't in Denver.

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