Street Legal Kit for 08 WR450

I am toying with the idea of street legalizing my 08 WR450 so no one can shut me down no matter where I want to go. I live in Utah where we do not need to have extensive work done on our machines to put them on the road (like many other Western states). I believe all I need is a brake light, horn, and mirror. I am not sure if I would need the tiny blinkers or not. Baja Design puts out a good looking kit. It cost around 400 plus install. I don't want a street bike, just something to let me feel like I am getting away with something when I hit occasional pavement. Do I have any other options? What have some of you done to your bikes? Anyone have pictures of their street legalized dirtbikes (no wanna be dirt bikes, real dirt bikes that can take a double jump and shred some dirt).

I would go with the Baja Designs kit whether you need the blinkers or not. If you don't need the blinkers? than just get kit the w/out the blinkers. It's a very no non-sence kit to install and they have an awesome customer service. If you have any issues doing the install, just call them and they walk you through it. No hassel. You won't be able to have the same service anywhere else.

Just my $.02:thumbsup:

check out sicass They have a nice kit for the 08.

Ryco Kit is a great option (uses existing headlight and tail light). I'm also in Utah and they just changed the law last year .... now you must have turn signals, brake light, horn, etc. You can get the complete Ryco kit from local dealers here. Their website


I think I like the Baja Design kit better because the blinkers don't stick out.* I plan on being out in the hills, not much in the city.* Less is better!* I don't want it to look like a street bike because that is not how I am going to use it. I think both kits are close in price.* I need to make sure I don't have to switch out headlights with the Baja Design kit because their replacement is uuugly.* Thanks for more options!

I have the baja designs kit on my 07. I bought it with it on, I've read you can use the stock light, which I plan on doing when I get my LED blinkers from Sicass and cut them into my front hand guards (works slick) and also the rear little ones. I like the Baja Designs controls better than sicass, it has the push button signal cancel which sicass does not, the sicass has a blinker indicator, which Baja does not though, you have to be certain to cancel your blinker after turning or ride all day with your blinker on! I love the sicass lights (my buddy has them). The lights on the Baja kit look goofy, you need to rewind the stator as well. I don't know anything about the ryco from Rocky Mountain, but its cheap. Good Luck!

I don't think I'll own a dirt bike which isn't plated, I can load up for a good Desert Trip, or head up the canyon from my house! Oh, National Parks ect.. are all open to me!!!

Stay on the trail!!!

The BD kit does not require a stator rewind, it requires a simple modification (floating the ground). The good point about doing it the BD method is all the stator power becomes DC. Your battery charges faster if you stall a lot and you are able to attach more powerful lighting or other DC accessories if needed. You get the full 110 watts available.

Thanks for all the replies. I now have three different kits to look at for my WR450 (Baja Design,, & I have emailed the three companies for more pictures of bikes like mine that have the kits on them. They all are comparable in price but slightly different. I checked the laws here in Utah and unfortunately I do need blinkers. I really want something that looks like a dirt bike, but has a plate (blinkers not sticking out). Do any of you have pictures of any of these three kits on a WR? I would love to see a few pics to help me make up my mind what I want to spend my money on.

I would check out Dales kit is comparably priced and doens't need to be ground floated and uses the stock headlight and tail light. He uses a printed circuit board with circuit breakers. I've had my kit since March of 03 and have had ZERO problems. He designed the kits and should you have any problems he is just a phone call away. He uses quality controls unlike BD. Read some of the comments here on Baja Designs dualsport kits, it should help you make a decision.


The problem I found was just trying to know exactly what the state requires a vehical to have. In illinois the bike has to be inspected by IDOT. Everything must be DOT legal including tires. One you get the required list nailed down its easy. I have a Baja Designs and it is a nice kit.

I've found my BD kit to be very flexible. I run three different headlings (stock, BD one and a 8" Race light). Swaps can be made in minutes. I prefer to float the ground and have full power available as DC instead of part of the system AC, the other DC. If you do a lot of tight single track and stall repeatedly, the battery is charged faster too. Lights are at full brightness at idle, even with the engine off.

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