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Doc Wong/Cal BMW Dual Sport Clinic for Larger Bikes Apr 24/26!

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Doc Wong/Cal BMW Dual Sport Clinic for Larger Bikes Apr 24/26!



Great News!

Doc Wong and Kari Prager of California BMW have teamed up to create a special dirt clinic for bigger bikes and the newbie dirt rider.

This is way cool!* I just got a new R1200GS, and this clinic will be geared for the bigger dual sport bikes from GSes to F650s, the larger KTM bikes to XR650Ls, KLR 650s, and the like.


The dirt drills to are designed to accommodate the more newbie dirt rider.* If you're more of an intermediate dirt rider or Advanced dirt rider we'd appreciate any help you'd like to give in leading a group, etc.

This clinic is held on two separate days.*Please note: Friday night's talk is a prerequisite to Sunday's drilling and ride.

Cost: $20.00 donation to the Clear Creek Legal Defense Fund / Blue Ribbon Coalition

Part A: Friday evening April 24, 7:15 PM will be a 1 1/2 hour talk at:*


California BMW/Triumph in Palo Alto.

2490 Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View, CA 94043

(650) 966-1183

Coming to the lecture is essential and required for you to be at Sunday's drills and ride. I'll be going over vital information and demonstrations of the drills. Of course you'll be doing the drills at your own level on Sunday. Topics covered range from cornering to balance, sliding, braking and wheeling your bike.


Part B:*Sunday 9 AM to*3 PM will be the meeting at Hollister Hills (State*Vehicular Recreation Area-SVRA) where those drills covered on Friday night will be practiced until lunch. After lunch we will break up into groups based on skill level and ride some of the larger, easier dirt roads of Hollister Hills SVRA.


Kari Prager of Cal BMW/Triumph will

be leading the group of larger dual-sport bikes!

More experienced ride leader volunteers are needed, so let me know if

you'd be willing to lead a group in the afternoon.

TO REGISTER:* E-mail me ASAP at:* Docwong@aol.com* (limited to the first

40 riders, so if you register and can't make it, please let me know ASAP as there will be a waiting list)*

Anyone is welcome to come to the evening "Dirt Riding Workshop-Talks and Demonstrations" part of the clinic and is not limited in numbers, however the practical "Dirt Ride Drills and Dirt Ride" part of the clinic is limited to 40 riders.



A. Snacks, lunch and water.

B. Gear: Minimally have a good helmet, gloves, heavy boots, blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Full dirt riding gear is ideal: Dirt helmet, goggles, chest protector, elbow guards, gloves, knee pads and dirt boots. Regular dual sport riding and touring gear is ok too, but be aware it may get hot.

C. Mechanical: bike in good order, knobbies will work best, however dual-sport tires will work also. Street bike tires will provide a unique experience! ;-)

D. Tools: Having a good tool kit is always good.


Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

Doc Wong

Active Life Medical-Chiropractic and Natural Medicine

1391 Woodside Road, Ste 200, Redwood City, CA (650) 365-7775


Free exams and consultations offered if*you're having pain while riding or having neck, back or other sports injuries issues

Check out the stuff on the Doc Wong (Free) Riding Clinics on my web site! http://www.docwong.com

Note: Photos for "Doc Wong Crashes" and the "Doc Wong Message Board" are now on my web site.


To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list!

Go to:* http://www.micapeak.com/lists/doc-ride


**Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidence and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based on his works. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and apply them....your riding will be much better for it!* www.californiasuperbikeschool.com

Gary Jaehne for his contributions on the Suspension clinics and in his book: "Sportbiking:* The Real World"....great reading.

Helimot Leathers:* The leathers I use and consider the best! http://www.helimot.com/aboutus/index.shtml

Aftershocks Suspension where I take my suspension!* http://www.aftershocks-suspension.com/pages/about.htm

Repsol oils,*the Moto GP oils that I now exclusively*use on all my bikes!

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