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RAM mount How-To

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I always liked the RAM mount system, but I didn't like the available hardware.

When I changed my mirror location, the stock mirror mount seemed like a perfect place for one. I bought my stuff from these guys:


You'll need:

2pcs Extra Ball w/ internal threads #N-B3093U (or just one for 1 side)

1pc M10-1.25 bolt at least 45mm long or 2pcs 30mm long

2pcs M10-1.25 nuts

2pcs 1/4-20 all-thread 1" long or you can cut down bolts like I did

Tools needed:

Drill and drill bits

Tap for 1/4-20

Cutting oil

two 17mm wrenches

metal vise

Blue Thread lock

Saw 15mm sections with a hacksaw and using the side of the nut as a guide, you get nice square cuts. The nuts will also help you get nice threads back after you cut.

These are the M10 bolt sections ready to be drilled and tapped:


Now find a 1/4-20 bolt and cut-off a 1" section, apply blue threadlock to one end of 1/4-20 bolt and screw into female RAM mount apply BLUE threadlock to other end and screw into the tapped M10 bolt section.

You're done. Should end up with something like this:



PM me if you need more help.



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Dude that is a nice piece of work, DO you have pics of it on the bike with your GPS/phone/cupholder attached?

I had been thinking the same thing when looking at the Rams for my Garmin 205.

How much to make me one?

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I just came across this one that should screw into the mirror mount:


Nice find, I guess I shoulda did a search on the net:bonk:

Stoopid me trusting the hardcopy mail-order catalog to include all available hardware.

Oh well, I think my mount is stronger than the one you listed:banana:

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