Does a Street legal title add value??

I'm looking at WR426's and WR450's and have located a 450 with a street legal title. Does this add any value to the bike?

In a state like mine where you cannot make any bike road legal anymore, YES!!!

Having a title does add some value, both by having a legal DS kit on it and the potential hassel with DMV a foregone deal.

yes, especially in California.

I live in Teller County, CO. It's got to be one of the easiest places in the US to get a bike plated, but plated bikes still sell for more here just because people don't want the hassle of doing it themselves.

yes, especially in California.

+1. Especially if the bike is fully dual-sport ready, it can add $1500.00

I would say it depends on what you want it for. If you want a dual sport, then yes. If you want a bike just for dirt, no. I would say the seller would want more money for it, due to the add ons.

Has anyone had any luck in NJ?

In WA state? Definitely.... I just drove 6 hours to pick up a low hour 07' in Pendelton OR with a plate.

I've had an 07' for 2 years now but could not plate it because I bought and had it titled in WA state... go into our local DOL yesterday with my OR title and transfer to WA with a brand new WA plate... bike is far from street legal but the previous owner did have a horn and hydraulic switches installed...

It's worth it to me to pay more or travel to "wash" the title so I can do longer loops in our mountains with being hassled by the man:busted:

Anyway... yeah additional $1500 or more can be fetched for a WR with a plate in some states:thumbsup:

I picked her up for $2,200. It's wierd looking at the title and not seeing "For offroad use only" printed on it.

I picked her up for $2,200. It's wierd looking at the title and not seeing "For offroad use only" printed on it.

That'd be a good price here in CO. Congrats, have fun.

Has anyone had any luck in NJ?

Im in NJ and selling my 04 with a d/s kit and a NJ plate

Yes, Japanese dirt bikes with a plate will fetch more $$$ than European bikes. Reason...Europe MSO's don't say 'off road use only'-easier to plate. Japanese dirt bikes usually reference 'off road use only'- which NM DMV frowns upon.

I drove 8 hours to Paulden, AZ to pick up a street legal WR450, making it much easier to plate in NM (MSO no longer a factor).

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