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96 RXC 620 clutch install ?

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Well I tried to be organized but my club foot ruined my plans. I had all the bolts and springs layed out in the order I had taken them out but then kicked the tray and now have a pile of springs and bolts. Can someone tell me:

A: Does it matter which bolt and spring goes where? They alll seem to be the exact same size springs and bolts


B: Do the springs have to go in one way or the other? The reason I ask is when I look at the springs ends I see that the gap is different where the steel ends (as it snugs up to the last curl if ya can picture what I mean?)

In other words when I look at a spring and look at each end theres a difference in this gap between one end and the other. Hopefully that explains what Im trying to convey.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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