Update on woodruff key problem.

After reading all the posts about the key problem I asked my dealer to call the factory to get some info on the subject. They are not saying it's a recall but they infomed my dealer to get my bike into the service department ASAP to varify the Torque of the flywheel nut and inspect the keyway, it may need to be lapped. I have been a Yamaha man for a long time but, I'm sorry I think this is BS that we have to call to get something to happen when they know they have a problem at some level, and the are not telling the dealers about it. He even made the comment that he can't stand how the internet makes his job harder due to all those chat sites starting problems. Well that just shows how the share holders are really in charge. It's all about the dollar. Good luck all.

keep us posted on what your dealer does... Regarding the INTERNET, what he really mean't was, if it wasn't for the internet then each Yamaha owner who had a failure would think he was the only one....

You got that right AR

Keep it on two,



My local dealer will be getting a copy of all this Internet feedback so that he knows I know what he knows. My WR450 arrives next week. Just sold WR250. Lets hope he makes good use of it.

It looks like Yamaha will only give out information to its dealers over the phone. Sure wish I had the phone number. :)

I just got my bike back from the shop today. I was one of the lucky ones. The torque wrench clicked at 50 foot pounds twice then let loose. He took the flywheel off, inspected the woodruff key and lapped the keyway just for good measure. Re torque at 47 foot pounds and all is good at this time. I hope? OBTW I'm told they can't get a part # for the cover gasket yet so hopefully your gaskets will stay in good shape as mine did and can be reused. If anybody else finds a part # post it for all.

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