2005 WR450 Big dent in frame

Had a buddy show me his badly crashed 05 wr450. He ended up bending both front forks and put a big dent in the frame. He is finally wanting to fix it after a long layoff from riding. Found a set of forks off of eBay but am wondering where to find a frame, the one on the bike is beyond repair. Thanks for the input.


Just a dent? If it was me, I would cut it out and weld in a new piece. I have fixed alot of cracks and bends before. If the steering head is undamaged, find a welder that's worth a damn.:p

I would cut out the dent and weld a new piece in, grind it smooth and paint it. But I know how it is to not know how to weld or to have easy access to one. Thank god I bought mine when I did.

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