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JD Kit or R&D powerbowl?!

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Ill put this in point form!

-Just picked up 09.

-Bitch to start!

-read MXA mag and they gave recommended jetting specs!

-dropped it into my local honda store but parts will take 2/3 weeks for jets

-**** THAT!

-Ok what do you guys recommend? JD kit or R&D kit!? both roughly same price so i can go either way!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeh love my 09..

I should have never left honda. im prob that caterfgory of beginner/intermediate. Bike is so easy to ride! so much power and the handling is just bullshit good!

Oh and anyone in Sydney region Australia, Brookvale Honda are doin mad deals. Got $1500 off what every other store was askin.

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JD for sure. Did WONDERS for my bike. Starting was so inconsistent stock, but now it starts with ease.

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