Suzuki/Kawasaki 250cc 4-stroke MX bike.

According to the Suzuki UK website, Suzuki & Kawasaki have co-developed a 250cc 4-stroke MX bike which will be available in September this year. This is great news since this means that a 450cc won't be too far behind!

Go Suzuki & Kawasaki!! .. Let's kick some red, blue & orange a$$es!

Read it here: Ticker

Mike. :)

yeah, great news. I guess I bought a year too early... :D

At least this one will be a combined effort and not just a repaint... :)

We should start a requests page for the new 450... :D

Bigger Tank - 4.0 gallon stock, 2.0 gallon option

Better seat

Under 240lbs in DS trim, 225lb in dirt only

6th gear

Guess there are more, thats a good start... :D

Better Suspension- maybe some wave braking rotors back and front

grab handles for Freestyle tricks...

I've been waiting and willing to sell my pumpkin bike and will also throw in the tow rope! :). Funny, the drz has never needed one.

and will also throw in the tow rope! . Funny, the drz has never needed one.

The DRZ is like a M1 tank... almost bulletproof. :)

Maybe Stewart will ride one in competition once he clinches the 125 championship some time around mid-season. :)

I love how the past couple years 4 stroke technology has really taken off. When I think about how the bikes will turn out within the next 5-10 years a big smile hits my face while I stare off into nothingness dreaming of a bike-wonderland

Kawasaki are hard at work finalising development on an all-new 250 four-stroke motocross machine. This will be part of the model sharing line-up born from the alliance between Kawasaki and Suzuki.

While previous models have been developed by one partner, and then sold by both, it is claimed that the new 250 MX machine is a product of joint development between the two companies.

Both Suzuki and Kawasaki will be entering pre-production versions of the machine in this year's All-Japan Motocross Championship, which kicks off in April.

The companies hope to be selling the new four-stroke racer from dealers floors by September this year.

Mike. :)

I wonder when the enduro version will be out.

Spring 2004?

I dunno -- I'd be cautious about these bikes. If one company can screw up a bike on its own, wait till you see what two companies together can do!

Hoping they prove me wrong...

Under 240lbs in DS trim, 225lb in dirt only

We're talking an MX bike here, not a trail bike. Since the S model is still considered the best production dual-sport bike in existence, I seriously doubt they'll come up with a DS model of their MX bike.

I agree, Drew - Suzuki has little incentive to change the DRZ -- at least until someone else enters their off-road worthy DS category.

They've already given up the yoshDRZ for racing this year, and if they want a 4stroke for off-road, they'll base it on the new RMF

looking at these pics, does anyone else think those bikes look like they are levitating? Are they actually touching the ground?

Photo Shop jobby?

He's talking about a motocrosser, not a dual-sport. :)

Sorry maybe this is off topic,i know you said 250 motocross but it comes up a lot when the subject is new models.....

Why does everyone complain about their 400 thumpers not being 450 or bigger?

The pumpkin and Yam riders all eagerly wished their 400 machines away now we are doing it :)

OK I can see maybe the MX riders wanting the bigger power but when i bought my Drz i wanted a 400 for offroad all day fun, i knew it suited my trails, i didn't need a 450 or 520 or whatever with "rip your arms off" power and i still don't need bigger, if i have the chance this year to buy another bike i would have a 400E.

They can lighten it a bit and improve the handling further if they want, that would be icing on the cake :D

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