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Stolen tt-r 90 in North-Western NC

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I never posted here much and haven't at all in a long time but I hope that this will lead to something. Last year I bought my kids the above mentioned bike and after the unusually warm day that was Sunday we went to wake it from its hibernation and found it missing. I am not even sure when it was taken, I have been in that building several times but never looked into that corner. The last time I know it was there was Christmas eve.

In any case, if any of you see a 2002(i think, no paperwork during the sale:banghead: ) Yamaha TT-R 90 for sale near you could you look into it or let me know. This one looks like it was crashed on pavement or concrete on one side as it has scratch on the fender, fuel tank and the thing that looks like a radiator shroud. Also the left side of the weak triple-clamp is slightly distorted. It was bent up when I bought it, I was able to straighten it somewhat but its not perfect. Finally, the bar that connects the footpegs is slightly bent resulting in one peg being higher than the other. I think the left is higher. I can't think of any other distinguishing marks and I plan to contact the previous owner to see if he has any ID numbers.

If I replace it (they didn't ride it much) the next one will be anchored to the floor of the building when not in use.

Thanks, in advance, for any help you might offer. The bike wasn't worth that much but MAN, I HATE A THIEF!!!!!!!!

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