Do bone growth stimulators really work?

I was just wondering if they work (Bone growth stimulator). I was given on a few years ago for my femur. And i just dug it out and was wondering if it would be usefull to use with my collarbone.

There really isn't any evidence that they work. I think they are an expensive waste of time.

yea i thought they were kinda stupid having some round thing with cold gel on it on the break for 20 mins while it sends whatever it does into the bone. But my doc ordered one a few years ago for my femur that wasnt healing and my insurance covered it. the bone did start healing but i cant say that it was because of that, maybe it was just enough time that it was healing on its own but i dont know. i guees it wouldnt hurt to try right.?

Years ago ,my wife had a back surgery (fusion) Wore this "belt" for quite a long time . Graph never took ,she basically was walking around with her spine rattling around with hardware . 20 months later ,was done again , and has been ok . Both times this bone growth stimulator was worn . Funny , I have never asked any one if they really do work . Now I know . Thankyou Dr Mark:thumbsup:

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