Lexx MXe Slip-On for an 08?

This is an interesting conversation. My brother and about 3 other guys I know have been running the LEXX exhaust on their TRX450s and YFZ450s for over a year and they absolutely love them. i have looked real close at them, in fact I helped my brother re-pack his last month. I can tell you the quality, fit, and finish is as good if not better than any exhaust I have ever bought. In fact when I saw they had them for bikes in the new Rocky Mountain Catalog, I called to get one for my bike. They guy I talked to said they had a small shipment come, but they were already out. The next shipment won't be in until April. I have one on backorder.

The most interesting thing (or unfortunate thing) about this thread is that two TT moderators are bashing the exhaust they have never used. Why jump to conclusions? I am curious to know what the real motive is here. It is clear there is one. Why the chip on the shoulder?

On another point; I am not sure where the exhaust is made (I don't really care), but i have noticed a few people bashing on China. Call me mister obvious, but I have noticed over the years that almost everything I have from my gear, the parts I buy, and even my motorcycles are all made in Asia (yes rcannon, I hate to break it to you, but your YZ is made in japan. And yes, Yamaha motor in Japan sources a lot of the parts from...plug your ears...CHINA! Not to mention they make several of their TTRs and other bikes in China). If you guys don't like Asian made stuff, you are in the wrong sport.

By the way - I just checked chain prices from both my favorite retailers (rocky mountain and Chaparrel). The ERT2 from rocky = $74.99, the ERT from Chaparrel = $72.99. DID gold XRING (the one I would buy), Rocky = $100.99, Chaparrel = $127.99. Just in case anyone was interested.

The ert from chaparral has been on sale for two years at 49.99. I live near rm and ride with several of their employees. I work on an account within walking distance of the place. When I walk in the showroom, most of the workers call me by my first name. I typically see their new stuff months before it gets in a catalogue.

No beef with the place as they have been great for us locals here. It keeps the local shops honest. Their tire prices rule and have saved me countless dollars. Truthfully, I love the place. Two years ago I got 650.00 back from their bonus program.

The last time I checked, MR obvious, Japan and China had a vast quality difference. China can build great stuff, usually they are not paid enough money to do so.

If your happy with your exhaust, so am I. However, comparing it side by side with anything else shows why its 199 and none of the others are.

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