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DR200 SE questions: Kickstart, engine noise, & starting

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Ok, I am a complete newb to the world of thumpers. Went from a chopped 75’ Iron Head, to a 200cc dual sport.

Anyway, the bike is a 2006 DR200 SE with 800 miles. When completely cold it takes maybe 2-3, three second pops to get it started. Once started, it idles very nice and runs strong (I was expecting much worse the way some talk).

Also, there is a light ticking noise coming from what sounds to be the top end. Maybe valves? Normal for this engine?

And the most important to me: Can I get a kick start? How much, where? I see the little plugged whole with "Kick Start" stamped on it so I have hope, but after searching Google for 30 min. I am stumped (and I’m a dogone Googleing expert)

Also, there is no tach, so what’s a good cruising speed ? I am going to be doing a 60 mile round trip commute and don’t want parts to start flying off or to damage engine or tranny.

Thank you all so very much. I really appreciate any help and advice.

Edit: I am also interested in changing my gearing to get my MPH a little higher at lower RPM's and to maybe increase my MPG if anyone has any experience with this.

Again, thank you very much.

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