Removing lower steering bearing

I need to replace my steering bearings and i was wondering, what is the proper way to remove the bottom steering bearing without causing any damage? I figure you just knock it out with a screw driver but if there is a better or easier way i'm all ears. Thanks.

There's lots of ways to get it done. The proper way is with a bearing separator and a hydraulic press. Not sure how much that helps.

A bit more of an improvised approach is to toss the lower clamp in the freezer over night to get it down in temp, then heat (propane or butane torch) the old bearing, being mindful of the lower clamp as it is only aluminum, the bearing may just slide off if you're lucky. Install is the exact opposite, heat new bearing in oven, chill clamp, drop or lightly press into place. That has worked for me in the past, prior to acquiring the proper tools.

I'm not a big one for levering a bearing from a pressed placement, particularly if the steerer tube is a softer alloy.

After reading a few other posts I am starting to think that removing the lower bearing may be more of a hassle than its worth. Since the only bearing i really need to replace is the top then i guess my next question is this. I bought an all balls kit for my bike (comes with lower and top bearings and races) and figured i would replace both bearings while i had the bike apart, is it ok for me to run the stock bearing on the bottom and just replace out the top bearing? I don't really see a problem in doing this but i figured i would get a second opinion. Thanks

Does the upper bearing in the kit have an integrated seal? If not, return it and order a new bearing from Yamaha (93332-00078-00).

You can replace just the top bearing if the lower one is in good condition.

I'll let you know when the UPS man drops it off.

I always take mine to the local machine shop. For 18 or 20 bucks they will change it out and I don't have to worry about it. :)

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