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1998 Cr 125

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I'm new to this site, but am planning on buying a new bike soon. I found a 1998 CR 125 here locally. The seller wants $1200, which in my opinion is overpriced. I'd like to get everyones opinion on what would be a reasonable offer, based on its condition. I don't have much info, just what is listed on craigslist. The seller says it was re-built a few months ago (which I would ask for receipts if this is actually true), has a fairly new fmf gold series pipe with fmf shorty silencer. also, it says it he just put on all new plastic. what should I look for with a model this old? What would be a reasonable, and not insulting offer for a bike this old? KBB says trade in $875, retail $1375. NADA says low retail $670, high retail $880. I am betting on a new top end, sprocket and chain (based on condition), air filter, and flush all fluids. Any info will help. THANKS

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I would offer $1000 and see what they say. $1200 isn't too far off in my opinion but I haven't been in the market since 2 years ago for a bike. My 99' was $1500 which was pretty good considering its condition two years ago. With the way things are now, I would say $1000 would be fair on both ends.

If it was re-built a few months ago (assuming you/they mean the engine not bearings and such) a top-end isn't needed.

I would bet on the wear/tear parts needing to be replaced.

I would also set the bike up on a stand, check the bearing play in the wheels (Good indicator of how much they cared for it, imo since bearings are often overlooked).

When you go to see it, make sure the engine is cold when you ask to start it up. Be leary if it is warm/hot. Ask if you can pull the plug and see what color it is. Be thorough on the test-ride, check everything you can think of. Make a list if you don't think you can remember everything. Most importantly, take your time checking everything over, don't feel rushed. (I know I tend to feel that way sometimes at least)

I have no idea how many times you have bought a bike used, but I just felt like throwing all that info out there just in case. Always helps.

98/99 125's were pretty solid other than that. If it is in good condition, I would get it. :)

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