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Motorbike Repairs/Rebuilds and Parts

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Hey guys

Would just like to let you guys know (in Australia..) that im a mechanic by trade. I also during after hours work on motorbikes. Ive been doing it for 15 years (While i was into go-karting). Basically, i dont just rebuild motors, service, top ends, bottom ends, big bores, if you need parts im sure i can get them for you. The reason im making this post, is in Australia if you guys havnt realised, they rip you off hard. $70 an hour for labor and there prices are phenominal. I charge upto $30 a hour for labor, and can get parts, genuine and after market.(due to the overseas dollar, I am trying to exclude getting genuine parts)

Ive made a site from home with some of my prices on them.

Sorry guys, i forgot to mention.I do get after market parts more often then OEM (general) parts, due to the cost of the overseas dollar, and I, honestly beleive that the after market parts are alot more reliable.


Just like to mention my names doug, you can contact me on 0401980439 and sorry to you US blokes, i prefer work in NSW (located near sydney, blacktown to be precise).

Thanks Doug

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