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Marzocchi Magnum forks compression problem

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Posted this in the suspension forum, but no response. Does anyone here understand the old style Marzocchi's?


I have an 03 HuskyTE610 with Marzocchi Magnum forks, ie the old style, not upside down Shivers. They have a single compression adjuster on the left leg, and single rebound adjuster on the rhs.

I couldn't get any change when adjusting the compression adjuster, didn't make any noticable difference whether fully out or in.

Pulled it apart, and everything looks like it matches the parts fiche, and has standard adjustment shims etc.

Tested both sides with the springs out by pushing and pulling the shaft up and down. On the rebound side, there is a definite difference on the rebound speed depending on whether the adjuster rod is held in (closed) or left open, and it feels the same all the way through the stroke.

On the compression side though, there is very little resistance all the way down to about 2" from the end of the stroke, then the resistance kicks in, and it does differ depending on whether the adjuster is closed or open.

The recommended oil is 7.5. I've tried both 5 and 10 in it and apart from changing the general resistance overall, didn't change how the adjuster worked.

I assume this is not the way it should operate.

Does anyone have experience with these forks, and have any idea what might cause it.

Or should I just send it off to someone who knows what they are doing;-)



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I had the same forks on my 96 KTM 360. They work the same as any cartridge fork but one does damping and one does comp.

I think something (a seal or o-ring) is leaking or a bypass valve (guessing) is stuck open. I have seen the shims stuck open w/garbage but you have already looked at the guts .

If nothing is obvious I would bring the fork to a shop. As you know it doesn't take much time to disassemble so diagnosis shouldn't be expensive.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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