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06yz250f general jetting

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I just bought my bike used last fall and looking to get the jetting dialed in now. I just did all the spring maintence, changed the oil, tuned the valves, changed the spark plug, cleaned the carb. It runs good other than a bog in low end and i'd like to try to have a little more throttle reponse in mid. I have a general idea about how maybe i should set it up after searching the forum but in the end i'd like a little bit more of a straight answer.

The Bike:

2006 yamaha yz250f

Altitude: 1000ft (michigan)

Temp: 60-80 degrees F

Humdity: ~30% up to 70% middle of summer

Mods: Stock pipe, snorkel off airbox (everything else is stock)

Main: 178

Pilot Jet: 42

Pilot Air: 105

Leak Jet: 80

Needle: OBELQ w/ clip@ 3rd

(All Stock jetting right now)

Side note: wondering what your guy's opinion is on the boeysen AP cover, and the other thing I'm unsure about is what to change my needle to, if i even should. I have NOT done any of the "free" mods yet but I dont know how much those would really help/ effect my jetting

Any info would be much appreciated, like I said I have a general idea of how I should jet it, I'm just a little hazy on stuff and cant really seem to get a straight answer by just searching.

Thanks again!

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Needle clip position has no effect on a bog off of idle. Do what Eddie suggested. you can also check/adjust the AP timing if needed after you have done the leak jet and oring.

i know it has no effect off idle, its for mainly mid range, that was the 2nd part of what im trying to change is the throttle response in mid. I've heard all this talk on changing the needle to a stock 09 needle (NHKR) and i was just curious if he had any experience with it and if it was worth it. thanks for the replies!

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