best mods ever 02yz426

Well I finally rode my 426 yesterday after doing what I would say is the best mods ever. I put the front end off an 06 yz450(DH1 clamps and forks with 1 step up stiffer springs) and lower IMS pegs(im 6'6"). The new clamps moved the bars up at least an inch.The bike is a different animal all together. I use to have a lot of fun on this bike but now it feels like its part of me. It turns 10 times better and jumps 10 times smoother. Just these mods made my riding progress a ton over night, I feel much safer and confident which tells me how important it is to make the bike fit you.

If you have a 426 I highly recommend 06 or newer front end and if your a tall person try the lowered foot pegs. :)

Oh yea I had a gold valve put in the rear a few weeks ago and that made a huge difference as well.

Do the 06 clamps bolt right up? Is it the same stem and bearings?

Yea I just put the stem from my old 426 clamp so not sure if the 06 will fit. Also you need 06 fork guards, number plate and a 06 brake line would probably work better but my 426 one works fine for now. The 06 is a CR style that doesn't wrap all around the caliper. The compression release cable was a little tight also.

So all you used was the forks, fork guards, and # plate? Did you use aftermarket clamps for the 06 or 02? What about the axle/ wheel is that the same?

Have any pics of your setup?

No you need the clamps off an 06 as well. I used the 426 axle, wheel spacers and wheel. Ill take a couple pics today.

with your new set up dose the front end feel lighter?

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