WA riders: please help!

Please read this article and contact your legislators using the NMA links.


Because OHV users pay road tax on the gas we buy but don't actually use roads, some of that money gets returned to us in the form of OHV area funding. Currently it is at 80% but the greenies are threatening to to reduce it to 20%, re-allocating the rest to non-motorized activities. Using gas tax refund money for non-motorized activity is an oxymoron! Without this funding, many riding areas would likely close permanently. Please help.

I notice you are not from WA, is anyone permitted to write in about this and it will have an effect on the situation, or is it just for state residents?

Hi. I have a solution to your problem there. A) I don't know what a "gas" tax is, :) I have no clue what "greenies" are, and C) I don't understand what "non-motorized" activities are? Sounds pretty boring whatever that is..

The solution is to simply move to Texas. We just ride wherever we want, and since there is no scenery or greenery or whatever it is,, there's nothing here for anyone to try to "protect".. Simply hop on your dirt bike, and go riding!!! You won't be paying for any so-called "gas tax" or catering to the whiny bitching of the "greenies", since most of Texas is tan or brownish in color.

Amen! I've never even seen a park ranger here in East Texas. The closest I've come to one is running into an army unit that was out in the field.

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