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Carb Issues Indian moped

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Alright, I finally got this thing running after finally finding a push rod online...


I cant get the carb tuned in

Heres the set up:

21mm keihn


58 Main

38 idle

Starts up perfect, has the classic case of "only runs on choke". No air leaks, everything is clean, fresh o rings/gaskets it also seems like its pulling in alot of fuel. I can fill the fuel line up all the way and it will run for 2 min. before running out. Seems like alot of fuel for a 50cc engine.

Am i missing somthing?

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Will not idel without choke.

I think I know what it is, I just thought about my carb size vs my engine size. May the carb be way too big for the 50cc engine? So if I put 50 main jet do you think that should cure it?

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