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94 CR125 owners?

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I have an XR600 that I recently upgraded my old damper rod forks to cartridge upside down forks off a 94 CR125 I got from Ebay.


I just replaced the fork seals but I'm not sure how much oil needs to go in each fork. From searching around in this forum I found a couple educated guessing points and have put 500 cc in each of them but it feels softer than before so I'm betting I could add more, but how much more is the question. I may end up buying a manual for the 94 CR125 to get the fork info but I'd rather not if someone can tell me. 94 was the first year they switched to the Kayaba USD forks for the 125.



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Start 4" from top, springs out and fully collapsed.

Start there and increase? To what max level?

I may just build some sub tanks to go on it as well because I can add more oil than normally allowed and not hurt the forks. It will also allow my heavy bike to have a little softer action initially yet keep the big dog from bottoming on big impacts.

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