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Quiet down my 07 WR125

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Does anyone have experience with an aftermarket silencer/spark arrestor that will quiet down my wr125?

My Ideas were to:

1.Add a db snorkel but I hate the look.

2.Retro a KTM hockey stick silencer as I hear they are about as quiet as you can get?

3.Use any recommendations you guy's may have.

I ride in an area shared by lots of groups(Mountain bikers/hikers) and I want to be as quiet as possible this summer.

Thanks for any advice.

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I had bought a large Pro Circuit 296 for a random large 2 stroke which had similar mounting as my Husky and had a local welder slightly modify the pre-pipe to fit my 04 CR125. It was a simple mod. The result was quieter then stock and sparky.

I would use a FMF stealth Q silencer now. Great flow and super quiet.

I run the Stealth Q on my 09 200XC-W which is the same silencer/part as for the 250 & 300 XC/XCW, So well sized for the 193cc 200XCW and you can't hear the bike when riding next to it. All the noise comes from the engine and chamber now.



Santa Cruz, Ca

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Thanks for the info,I had read about that silencer and was not sure if it was actually quieter than the stoke one.I will look into that,Thanks

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