who uses their clutch?

I ask around and some say, when they're racing MX they only use their clutch at the start, after that they never use it. Some say when they're riding in the hills, desert, trails etc. they hardly never use it. I always use my clutch.

Am I missing something? :D:)


I've always used my clutch for taking off from a dead start and for downshifting more than a gear at a time, like coming up to an almost or complete stop. Other than these I try to let off the gas and make the gearchange as smoothly as possible. Maybe I'm missing something because I've never asked for other riders opinions on this.

Maybe some of the motorcycle mechanics who frequent this site could post some input as to what they've seen happen to trannies of riders who don't use the clutch.

I ride wit Ty Davis and would have to say he is one of the best offroad and Mx riders on the planet and He uses his clutch all the time its the only way to controle the power to the ground. Take it for what its worth.

I typically use it when it's not too rough to let a finger or two off the grip. I always use it in really tight stuff, even though I run stock gearing. It helps avoid powering through tight turns. I also use it when climbing really slick hills. But there are times when it's so rough I just blip the throttle off and shift w/o clutching. I've done it for years with no ill effects on any bikes.


Best part of riding is using the clutch for better traction, boost of power(big boost of power)instead of downshifting,or if you want to feed your buddy some vitamin earth!All the pros keep the power twisted and use the clutch to meter it! :):D:D

Consider me another clutch abuser. When the running gets tight, I use it quite a bit. I also use it, albeit occasionally, at the MX track (I ride a YZ426) when I'm almost, but not quite, in the right gear and need the turbo boost.


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