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WR250R Tires - Tested IRC VE33/35 Enduro Tires

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I read a few posts that had very mixed reviews of the IRC VE33/35 Enduro Tires, from good to bad. Well, I figured I would save a few dollars and give them a try on my WRR. What a mistake that was.

I installed a set a few weeks back and have been out there in everything from NJ soft deep loamy sand, sand over hard pack, hard trails coated with every thing from leaves, logs, tree branches and pine needles, muddy sandy and bumpy fire roads to east coast extreme whoops that are everything from firm to really soft.

I don't know how exactly to sum up my experience, but I can definitely say that these tires are MUCH MORE dangerous and slippery than the deathwings that came stock on the WRR. At least the deathwings were predictable.

The VE33/35s run a really thick and high knob, that have a really poor spacing and will not dig into any type of terrain. No matter how I attempted to dial in my suspension with these tires, they are as slippery as ice. I couldn't get them to stop sliding in any situation. They will not hold any line, wander all over and just make you feel like you have no contact with the ground.

Being they are not street legal due to the size of the knob, rule them out for the street. The knob pattern is not good for the street either, though they are better on blacktop than the dirt.

When I looked at these online, all I saw was an aggressive looking knobby. Well, the knobs are just not good for anything. I am taking them off and looking into the P's that come stock on the new KTMs. What a bad tire.

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