Who's WR426 is closest?

I have absolutely demolished my 2001 oil drain plug past the point of recognition somehow and need to get a bolt extractor to remove it. Fun huh? Well after the amount of time ive spent on it ive lost all realms of thinking clearly and this is what i need to do. Any one know off hand the head size and shaft size of the drain plug?

Its ok, laugh at me..

I can help with head size, it's 12mm. Can't help with shaft size, sorry.

Am I closest??

Dodger :):D

I'm probably wrong, but if it's a stock bolt, I think it's a 12mm. 12mm head on a 12mm bolt is what makes the stock bolts so friggin expensive. You can get 8/10/12mm bolts from the hardware store, but most will have 10/12/14mm heads on 'em instead of being 8/10/12...



I don't know if this will help or not, but when I got my bike, the drain plug was way too tight, absolutely demolished the head of it, it looked like a jagged metal stub sticking out. I tried EZ outs, snapped a couple of those, then drenched it with more liquid wrench... Finally I put a blunt chisle to the side of it, started tapping counter-clockwise and out it came. After buying a few extractors, and a couple days of being totally pissed off, I just needed a chisel and hammer-don't know if that will help in your situation, but it took care of me-easiest fix yet, hardest to figure out. Works great now-no leaks at all...

2002 model crankcase oil drain bolt is M12 x 1.5 - tighten to 20Nm or 1.4 FT/lbs - as long as the thread is the same, and the head will go through the bash plate, get what you can and get a washer for it and you will be fine... most important aspect of it is the overall lenght - don't let it stick into the case too far...

A lot of people are very happy with the Zip-Ty magnetic drain plug...



Top of my head that 1.4 footpounds doesn't sound right

The figures I posted were Copied straight from the manual... but on double checking, that is a typo by Yamaha - 14 ft/lb is the correct figure... It was late when I posted... just goes to show... always double check... although I only use Nm on my torque wrench, so I am not too quick on the instant conversions...


Yup, I was thinking about 14 ftlb too.

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